Small Business WordPress Website Developer.

Creating websites that lead to results and customer satisifaction.

Hello, I’m Andrew Taylor, a seasoned web developer focusing on WordPress development tailored for small businesses. With over ten years of expertise collaborating with web development agencies, freelance designers, and various clients nationwide, I excel in transforming existing websites or bringing small businesses online for the first time with stunning, personalized WordPress websites. Provide your business details and design thoughts, and I’ll handle the rest, ensuring you’re informed and involved at every process stage. Let’s collaborate and create something remarkable together!

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WordPress Website Developer - AJT Digital Designs
WordPress Website Developer - AJT Digital Designs
WordPress Website Developer - AJT Digital Designs
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Recent Projects

Get a glimpse into my recent projects as a WordPress Website Developer. Each endeavor represents a unique journey of transforming ideas into visually captivating and functionally robust websites, showcasing a commitment to excellence and cutting-edge solutions in the dynamic world of web development.

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A WordPress Website + Blog

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I've had the opportunity to develop on projects large and small.

From The Blog

I share some of the invaluable lessons that 10 years as a WordPress website developer has imparted, shaping my skills and perspective.
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