Instagram Locations

Instagram Locations – Why Should You Use Them?

Social media marketing is an essential part of a good marketing strategy today. Instagram, in particular, is a great resource to share images of your products and services with your target audience. Using hashtags and locations will help you target a local audience more effectively.

Here are a few significant ways that adding your location to Instagram will benefit your business:

1. People Search for Local Business Through Instagram

Previously, consumers may have only used resources like Yelp or Google to find local businesses. Those resources are still popular, but some consumers are now searching with Instagram.

Let’s say you are doing social media marketing for a restaurant. Someone might search “Pizza in Chicago, IL.” They will see a list of pizza places in Chicago that have set their location. They will also be able to see the posts from that business and the posts that customers have tagged their location on.

If they’re browsing through a list of your competitors, but your business name isn’t there, you’ll likely miss out on that customer’s business. They may not even be aware that you exist!

2. Connect the Product or Service to Your Business

When you create an Instagram post, you should be using hashtags. These hashtags can be relevant to your business, product or service, sale, etc. When people search for a hashtag, they will find your post.

Let’s say that you sell home decor. Someone can search for #homedecor or #apartmentdecor and find a beautiful post you created showing a living room decorated with your products.

Using hashtags without a tagged location, they may see your ideas, gain inspiration, and look for those products elsewhere because they don’t know they are actually from your business. Tagging the location to the picture signals that these products/services can all be found at your location.

3. Customers Tag Your Location When They Post

When a customer takes a picture inside your business, with one of your products, or after using your service, they can tag your location. When customers share posts like this, they get to share their positive experience while also, maybe unintentionally, doing a bit of free marketing for your business!

This is often seen in restaurants. Customers will take pictures of their plates and post them to Instagram. Adding your location to Instagram will make it easy for them to tag you directly. If your location is not on Instagram, they may include your business name in the caption or hashtags, but it will not be as direct and helpful to their followers as the actual location would be.

Adding your location to Instagram is essential for your business to market through social media effectively. Ultimately, it makes finding your business more accessible for new potential customers. Make sure you get the most return from your Instagram/social media marketing strategy by adding your business location to your account and your posts.